Welcome to the Summer Book Club!

When you make reading a daily part of your child’s summer, you’ll develop a love for reading and cement the skills your child has worked so hard to gain this year. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce your young reader to bold adventuresenduring truths, and a habit of personal development.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve developed a rewards program for young readers!

Here’s how it works:

  1. K-2nd graders earn 2 book club points for every day they read or have someone read to them for 30 minutes.
  2. Save this doc to your Google Drive or print it out.
  3. Type or Write the book you read on the Reading Record (English please).
  4. Share your calendar and reading sheet Google Doc with library@crics.asia or hand it to a librarian when you return to school in August.
  5. Bring your calendar and reading sheet back on the first day of school and give it to your homeroom teacher.
Enjoy your rewards! 1 book club point = 1 baht at the CRICS Snack Bar.


Selecting A Book

YOU are the key in helping your child select summer reading books which will be of high interest and will also be at your child's independent reading level. The independent reading level is the level at which your child can comfortably read and understand material without adult supervision. Please help your child use these guidelines to select appropriate reading material.

  • Find books about your favorite topic or hobby.
  • Look for books by a favorite author/illustrator.
  • Browse through the book to see if the illustrations are interesting.
  • Read the book summary on the back cover or book jacket.
  • Choose a book that is at your independent reading level.
  • Use the Five Finger Rule. Choose a book that you think you would like to read. Open to any page and begin reading. As you come to words you can't pronounce or don't understand, put up a finger. If you put up five fingers put the book back. It's too hard for you.



Reading Packets


You may be able to find audiobooks/e-books of classic titles on your reading list to download and listen to anywhere.


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