Required as part of next year's first quarter grade:
CRICS High School and Middle School students will be required to choose two books from the reading list provided for their grade level (or one grade level up). This gives the student some freedom of choice within the parameters of reading options that will be beneficial to a student's academic future. After reading, students will be required to present evidence that they have read and understand what they have read from the two selected books. This can be done in one of the follow ways:

1.) Complete the Story Chart and answer 4 questions from The Socratic List. We have included The Socratic List, questions 1-14, in the Summer Reading Helps booklet. In order to adequately answer these 4 questions, you will likely need to answer all of the sub questions listed below each numbered question (If you are confused, please look at the booklet for more clarity). Please use complete sentences and answer questions in such a way that restates the question; for yes or no questions give explanations for your answer.

2.) Complete the Story Chart and provide Character Map for the story that provides descriptive details for each character and reveals an understanding of the relationship between the characters of the story (see the character map provided for a sample but be creative and develop your own).

3.) Complete the Story Chart and write a Book Review. A Book Review tells others your opinion of a book and encourages others to read (or maybe not read). A book review is not a book report, although there are some similarities. Be sure to see the provided helps for writing a Book Review. If you do a good job, we may have to publish it online!

4.) Complete the Story Chart and develop your own project; ie. make a video that reviews the book and put the video online (maybe YouTube), discuss the book on a podcast and upload your podcast to the internet so we can all listen. Create a power point about the book. Arrange a chat session with your friends or teacher(s) about the book and save the conversation in a document that can be read later, create a blog about the book, write a letter or email to the author, or something else. Be creative!!! For approval of a project, write a short email to Ms. Jenn (

Not Required! but fun:

Read books on your own! Read every week! Read every day! Read anywhere and everywhere! Save up yummy snacking experiences for next year! Every 100 pages of books read can be redeemed for 10 baht at CRICS Snack Shop. Please be honest when you report your reading on the Recording Form for Book Baht(neatly please, no exceptions). Books read for book baht should be quality literature (if you have a question about that, ask Ms. Jenn or your English teacher).

Multiply your Baht:  If you would like to get more bang for your Baht, continue reading books from the reading list provided for your grade level (or one grade level up). For every 100 pages read, you will receive 15 Book Baht instead of just 10. On the Recording Form for Book Baht, place an * next to the title of the book if it is on the reading list provided.


You may be able to find audiobooks/e-books of classic titles on your reading list to download and listen to anywhere.

Reading Log

Print off the Reading Log and record the books you read. Return this page to your English teacher on the first day of school.
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